The Creative Process (with cats)

Before I mired my self in the land that is PhD, I used to be active in the theatre scene, directing and acting. This is a little comic that I drew for the writer of a short play I directed in 2012, about the creative process. It might not have much to do with gender, but I do have it stuck up at my desk at uni to remind me of good times with friends. It keeps me going during the rough troughs of writing my thesis, so I thought I’d share 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Creative Process (with cats)

  1. Amazing. The ‘letting go’ phase reminded me how I worked as part of a creative team and my colleague, during a particulary stressful and tough month, printed out 5 stages of grief in large bold letters and glued those pieces of paper all over our room. And I mean large A3 sheets. It didn’t help us directly, but other people started avoiding us on corridors.
    Great blog, I will follow.

  2. Wonderful. I suspect there’s a whole row missing in between “sleepless nights” and “counselling”. That would be self-doubt, panic, bewilderment… or some such. Keep up the wonderful work, and the originality.

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