Oh to be a Teddy Girl!

Teddy Girl: you're doing it right

Today I came across the term “Teddy Girl” which – as I discovered typing into Google images – is a completely stylish subculture that had its heyday in the United Kingdom post World War II. Apparently there is almost nothing written about this youth culture that formed around a shared sense of disenchantment and malaise with society at the time. There is only slightly more written about Teddy Boys.

Some of the fashions associated with Teddy Girls include: men’s suits, drape jackets, shirts with high collars, black velvet ties, pointed collars, hobble skirts, pencil skirts, cameo brooches, rolled up jeans, short “mannish” haircuts, coolie hats, boat shoes, headscarves, pony tails and plastic earrings. Considering this list and looking at teenagers here and now, it seems that maybe the Teddy rage is back.

After all, maybe Teddy Girls were the original hipsters?

2 thoughts on “Oh to be a Teddy Girl!

  1. See Lilian Faderman’s well researched and engaging book, ‘Odd girls and twilight lovers: A history of Lesbian life in twentieth-century America.’ You can link to Lilian’s web-page here .

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